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No Stone Left Unturned

“Leadership is Personal, It starts with you”

At Graystone we believe that each and every employee is essential and valued. That each person’s ideas should be listened to and included in the company’s visioning process.  You have to transform from the inside.  You have to learn how to think differently, then the Team, the Organization and Culture will discover the “Formula for Excellence” that represents you.

Everybody has to be “All In”.  If you’re not “All In” you can’t be great.  Adversity, Success and Failure are all a part of it.  Learn to embrace it.

From CEOs to Managers/Supervisors, if you are in a role where a team or employee reports to you, you have a responsibility to declare yourself an inspired leader, learner and coach for your team. Total company transformation can only occur and catch on fire, if the leader is driving the charge to a new and exciting future for all.

Graystone’s Core Operating Principles

  • Foundation for Results- The Speed of Trust and Building Relationships
  • Building and Maintaining Strong Trust Creates Breakthrough Results
  • Four Elements of Trust: Reliability, Competence, Sincerity and Caring
  • Powerful Coaching/Mentoring is the Pathway to Empowerment of All Employees
  • Coaching = Empowering and Trusting Others = Letting Go and Giving it Away
  • Aligning on a shared vision
  • One Team, One Culture, One Company
  • Creating a Common language
  • High Performance Teams = High Performance Culture
  • Generous Listening Creates Pew Possibilities; Listen First, Speak Later
  • Declaring and Resolving Breakdowns- Facts vs. Stories
  • More Design, Action, Results, Less Dialogue
  • Everyone Experiences being Essential, Appreciated and Included
  • Total Company Alignment


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