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In more than 20 years of leading and managing start-ups, hyper growth and mature businesses, I have never encountered a more agile or capable leadership consultant than Kathy Grad. Kathy and her Graystone Principles provide a structured path for helping executives and their teams learn fundamental concepts that allow them to become high performance. In her process Kathy challenges, coaches and mentors individuals to achieve their personal best – for themselves, their team and their organization. Her impact on individuals is almost immediate and the payback in improved productivity and alignment is obvious within weeks. I will use Kathy again in my next organization.
– Michael Croxson, President


Kathy Grad was tasked with changing our company culture into a high efficiency organization. She tackled this project with the highest levels of skill, energy, and enthusiasm. As a team we were able to come together and achieve our highest level of sales efficiency in my entire five year tenure at Seneca. Ms. Grad’s legacy here will remain an imprint on our team, I am confident in stating that her personal and direct training will have as a profound effect on my personal success as any coaching I have received professionally in my entire career. In the two quarters under her direct training, I exceeded my previous best two quarter stretch by over 150%. (420k to 660k). I have continued to develop professionally and expect to exceed those amounts over the next two quarters.
– Cory Fiffer, High Revenue Manager


Thanks to Kathryn’s formidable leadership in executive coaching and the development of high performance teams we successively transformed our culture from senior management to the plant floor into one team based on a foundation of relationship and trust. It took us three years but this valuable work enabled the Company to act in a united and committed manner and it gave us a fighting chance when dealing with the many challenges in the automotive manufacturing sector at that time. Unfortunately by 2008 Ledco was forced to close due to insurmountable economic pressures. However, Kathryn’s teaching remains in the cores of all who were privileged to work with her. She continues to inspire us as we implement the practices she taught us in our current organizations.
-Greg Schott, President


Kathy’s program began demonstrating results within a couple of months. The first area that began to improve was organizational trust. Kathy managed to engage management and staff very effectively in acknowledging the issues and committing to a change in behaviors that required direct dealing in place of gossip and background conversations. Similarly, with the senior management team, performance began to improve as a result of clearing past issues and instituting practices that required the team to hold each other accountable for keeping commitments.
Obviously, I don’t know the needs of your organization. But, based on my experience with Kathy at Seneca, and my own prior experience in organizational development, I can say that the principles and practices that Kathy teaches are essential for high-performing leaders and organizations. You may have been exposed to the various concepts in the past. However, Kathy’s abilities are a key differentiator in taking the material from concept to practice. You’ll find Kathy to be well versed and passionate about the program. She is motivated by seeing people develop and develops trust with individuals quickly. She is a senior person with deep experience that allows her to size up organizational issues quickly. She does not shy away from difficult conversations; she is very no-nonsense in that regard. And, she has no difficulty in dealing very directly with the most senior people in the organization with regard to how their behavior is negatively effecting organizational performance or undermining the principles the Graystone program is attempting to instill in the organization.
– JP Hussey, Vice President of Operations


“Kathy has been the Consultant of Choice for the Manufacturing Consortium for over 10 years, coaching and leading our Executives, Managers and Supervisors in the World Class Practice of Leadership and Coaching Program. There are only a few truly high impact change agents in North America and Kathy rates at the top.”
-Dave Hogg
President, High Performing Manufacturing Consortium


“It was 15 years ago that I completed my first “Coaching & Leadership Program” designed and instructed by Kathy Grad. This course provided me the principles to become a better leader and coach for my team and made me a better person both at work and at home. I was so amazed by the results that my team generated, and that I saw in myself, that I signed up for the next level of Coaching & Leadership designed and instructed by Kathy Grad called “Excelling”. The process that Kathy Grad teaches is sustainable over time. Her coaching and leadership techniques, along with her personal commitment and attention, make this program a must.”
-Bill Hutton
Corporate Vice-President, Marketing & National Accounts – Samuel, Son & Co., Ltd.


“After having known Kathy Grad for many years, I am so thankful for her connection to my life and River Hill. She has been an integral part of the success of my field hockey team and is helping me achieve my personal fitness goals as well. For years, she has used her knowledge of fitness training to get my athletes prepared for the season. She also is an amazing motivator and knows how to get results. This year, I don’t believe that my team would have won the state championship without her inspiration. I cannot express how amazing it is that she is now personally inspired to bring all of her experience in developing leaders to the teens of Howard County. Everything she touches turns to gold; the impact she will have on the next generation of leaders will be invaluable.”
–Shelly Chamness, Coach


“I worked with Kathy for about three years, both personally and in group environments. In group environments, she is the ultimate motivator and always brings out the best in people. When working one on one with Kathy, she helped me channel my ultimate vision, as well as my smaller visions for each year. Then, we took these visions and worked on applying them to everything I do, from the ice rink to the classroom. I learned from Kathy that if you can channel your vision, and take the appropriate actions to accomplish that vision, it will without a doubt come to fruition. Even though I am in college now in Southern California, I will always remember the lessons that I learned when working with Kathy. With a strong mind, strong goal, and strong determination, anything is possible.”
–Scott Dyer, Competitive Skater Olympics


“After completing Kathryn Grad’s World Class Practice of Leadership and Coaching Program, I went from being a Manager whom most of my team members did not like and had issues with my style of management to team members really wanting to be on my team, building ourselves to high performance, working together as partnership and focusing on breakthrough results for our company.”
–Cardin Frassetto, Integrated Management Systems Leader, Customized Manufacturer


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