BusinessConsultingDecember 20, 2020by kurt0Leadership & Coaching for a Hyper-Growth Organization


This was a 12-year leadership coaching engagement for a marketing services company that grew during that time period from 200 employees in one location to over 2,000 employees across the US. The goal was to build a strong high performance culture at all levels of the organization given the business challenge of averaging 25% revenue growth per year and building critical foundations to scale the business successfully. Leadership/coaching was established for all levels of the organization, executive, middle management and new employees orientation and included all operating states: high growth, turnaround, start-up and reorganization and acquisition; across sales, operating and support business units. The leadership coaching also evolved to include internal company teams and external client teams together. Leadership and Coaching programs from Graystone became part of the culture and internal Training University.


• Assessment and customization were the key factors. Starting off with the basics of interviews, issues, resolutions and alignment to implementing customized coaching programs for all levels.

• Worked with all operational business units and their leaders with the intention to have those leaders embody the High Performance Team Principles themselves to embed Graystone Leadership principles in teams and across the entire Company.

• As the company grew, the process, coaching and programs grew. Leadership training moved from one operating state to another on a daily basis. After assessment of the situation, Graystone provided the most powerful and accurate training, coaching and leadership that was required.

• Coached and worked directly for years with the CEO and COO. They walked the talk and practiced the principles in their daily meetings and with the employees which was a critical factor of this successful story.

• Part of the integration team for Acquisitions. Created and established trust and relationships and made sure the new employees felt a part of the company and established the foundation of Merkle’s Leadership and Coaching culture. We were all committed to working together as One Team.

• We moved from our location to a multi-million dollar building with several floors for all of the new employees. We continued to grow and the culture continued to be strong, deep trust with everyone working together. There was excitement, fun and lots of breakthrough results along with a workplace that everyone wanted to come each day.


· Total company alignment and high performance teams created

· Growth of 200 employees to over 2000 employees

· Annual revenue grew on average 25% per year from approximate $40 million to over $350 million

· Recognized leader in the Marketing Services Industry by Forester Research

· Breakthrough results with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 clients obtained and maintained

· High employee engagement scores, intense employee loyalty and satisfaction with their jobs and environments

· Graystone principles accepted within the organization and instilled in all of the new and existing employees


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