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The Graystone Brief is written by Kathy Gray, owner of Graystone Leadership, with decades of experience in the transformation of companies, leadership, and cultures. These “Briefs” are short highlights and notes pertaining to current challenges leaders face in leading, coaching, and managing their employees. Kathy encounters these challenges with leaders on a daily basis across various markets. The intent is to provide guidance and new ways to think about areas where you have been stopped, blocked, or have been putting up with issues AND you’ve always wanted to master and breakthrough them. To have new and different results always starts and ends with the leader.


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February 4, 2024by Kathy Gray
The Courage of Leadership
STAND IN TRUTH NO MATTER WHO IT IS   Run to conflict. Stay the Course. Lean into Uncomfortable Conversations. Get Current – Stay Current with all Relationships. Be their North Star     The #1 issue I deal with every single day with Leaders is the extreme challenge to resolve issues with their teams, help...