What We Do

OUR EXPERTISENot your typical boiler plate leadership program

Graystone Leadership will walk you and your team through any roadblocks. We help teach you to build trust that will inspire deep connections, newfound inspiration, and a highway through any challenges that come your way.

Building Trust

The Source of Results

Train the Trainers

Resolving Breakdowns

Effective Meetings

Blame vs. Self Responsibility


Total company transformation can only occur if the leader is driving the charge to a new and exciting future for all. This is where YOUR challenge begins.


The work we do creates a fundamental shift in your thinking regarding work. The shift is from a focus on results, productivity and numbers to include a focus on pro-actively building strong trust and relationships with each other as the foundation for your results


Maximize job productivity, create trust amongst your team, improve job satisfaction, see huge financial results and the possibility of a high performing culture based on trust

Our Services

It’s not your typical leadership training. It’s going to change who you are as a human.
Leadership Training

A company’s success depends on high-performance teamwork that is developed and maintained by its leaders. So starting with the CEO, followed by the Leadership team, Graystone works through the Practice of Leadership & Coaching program. This is a 12+ month program focusing on how you relate to yourself and others in the workplace. The program is a combination of group work, personal transformation projects and one on one time with Kathy Grad. 

The main principles of the program are:

  • Finding the source & driving results for your business & team
  • Building strong trust in relationships
  • Blame vs. Self responsibility in the workplace 
  • How to create a “One Team” environment
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Anatomy of an Effective Meeting
  • How to resolve breakdowns vs. getting stuck in problem cycles
  • Being in an Action Cycle
Performance Coaching

Become the powerful visionary and agent of change at your company that you have always wanted to be. This is done through one on one training with Kathy and designing a Coaching Breakthrough Project that will impact your team and create actual tangible outcomes. If you or a member on your team is responsible for managing or training employees, this is the program for you. 

The curriculum focuses on

  • Distinguishing powerful communication styles 
  • Declaring breakdowns 
  • Leading the charge for success and possibility
  • Creating tools to sustain a High Performance team 
One-on-One Training

In this training,  you will work directly with Kathy to discover areas where you want to improve, change and have breakthrough results. This experience is an opportunity to resolve true breakdowns, complete your past, and work on areas where you feel stuck. 

Past Clients Have Focused On:

  • Creating A Vision
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Creating a positive team environment
  • Solving workplace problems
  • Navigating a change in career
  • Growing their business
Crisis & Breakdown Consulting

Kathy’s ability to intervene into current breakdowns or crises is second to none.  Kathy works with you and makes herself available to take immediate action with a situation that needs attention, resolution and results.  She will work directly with the people involved to practice her principles during a breakdown:

  • Declare the breakdown
  • Communicate in difficult circumstances
  • Separate the facts from the story 
  • Be honest & straight talk 
  • Reveal the commitment
  • Get everyone into action
  • Rebuild the relationship & trust
“I felt really lucky to go through the program with my direct reports. I realized I was not listening all that well to my direct reports. I was missing things when my team was talking to me, they might have been saying one thing, but I was hearing another. I had to dig deeper for what they needed, as a manager that's my job.”