Who We Are

OUR MISSIONGraystone Leadership is dedicated to serving organizations and their leaders who are committed to making a difference, empowering employees and producing breakthrough results in their market.

Graystone’s commitment is to make an impact on a company’s culture by creating a Vision and Theme that working together as One Team, One Company, One Culture is the recipe for High Performance in all aspects of an organization. This transformational initiative always starts at the top with the CEO aligning and participating. When employees see their leader authentically engaged with the process, it demonstrates right away that this is serious and can be done.

The many principles of the World Class “Practice of Leadership & Coaching Program” has been delivered for over 35 years not only in Fortune 500 companies in the US and all over the world. These principles and processes are customized each time to match up to the organization and leaders and teams.

In the end, it takes practice and a commitment to a new way of relating and communicating, giving up places you have been stuck, being willing to let go, and shifting your context of the future vs. the past.


Our Team


PresidentKathy Gray

Kathy Gray is a pioneer in empowering people from all walks of life to produce breakthrough results in their personal and business lives. She is an accomplished leadership consultant, coach and trainer with over 35 years of experience empowering and training executives, managers and employees to achieve world class breakthrough results. Kathy has a demonstrated track record of building high performance, strong relationships and trust, both with internal teams and external customers.

Leadership is personal, and it starts with you

“We discovered how important it was not just for our leadership team, but also for our mid-level management teams to have these skills. We learned how important it was for everyone to be pushing in the same direction, towards the same culture and goals.“